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Roddy! It’s nice to see you again. c:

((Sometimes when I’m stressing about replying to rps or updating this blog I realize that I’m treating this like real work. Like I’m treating this like there will be actual consequences and I will get in trouble for it. And then I just stop and come to the realization that I wouldn’t be doing any of this if it wasn’t for fun. 

I’m getting legitimately worried and upset if my roleplays are not replied to in a certain span of time with quality grammar and sentence structure with content pertaining to the plot because I find it fun.

I for serious feel like I’m going to get in trouble with you guys if I don’t reply to your asks within a few weeks, because I think way too much about the fact that there’s a person behind every computer. And out of these feelings I push myself to work on drawings for your specific question and deeply consider my muse’s reaction to your questions because I find it fun.

I create the illusion of responsibility for these tasks because I find it fun. 


あみあみ限定特典は「笑顔の松岡凛」!水辺で遊べるフィギュア「エンスカイ Free!(フリー) キャラプカ」レビュー!

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So did you have a good Christmas? What kind of presents did you get?